The Business of Horses
M. R. Bain
September 2013
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The Business of Horses
Creating a Successful Horse Business
Second Edition

I have written this book to help people who are entering
the horse industry or have been in the industry for some
time and need a fresh viewpoint. It is based on my sixty
years of  experience in setting up equine businesses and
from questions asked by participants in the clinics.
The chapter titles are:
1. Planning For Success
2. Structuring Your Business
3. Expenses, Depreciation, Appreciation
4. 1031 Exchange of Horses
5. Bookkeeping and Records
6. Business Review
7. Contracts
8. Insurance
9. Independent Contractors or Employees
10. Marketing
11. The Horse Market
12. Improving Your Business
13. Board of Advisors
14. Profit Motive
15. Determining Value
16. So You Want To Be Involved in Horses
17. Preserving Assets
18. Increasing Your Income
19. Maintaining Your Business
20. Boarding Horses as a Business
21. Standing A Stallion
22. Choosing A Stallion
23. Getting Your Mare Ready To Breed
24. Reality
25. Trainers and Training
26. Foundation Horses
27. Reminisce

Want to see what the chapters are about, go to to
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"I started out in this hard working industry as a toddler. Now some
30 years later I look back and realize how it was a journey of trial
and errors. I appreciate the fact that there is finally a book that is
written by someone who has walked that journey with us. I applaud
you for setting a map for others to follow.
I endorse this book 100%...Mr Bain tells it like it is...He has walked
the walk, he talks the talk, and he will guide you to being successful
in the Business of Horses."
Jill Bradley
Valley Horse News

"Although Bain has written the handy little book from the specific
point of view of someone starting an animal business, specifically
horses, the information, advice and direction may prove very helpful
to anyone starting any business. In fact, much of the guidance
provided in Bain's new book may be very useful for general living in
the modern age."
David A Wilson
California Democrat

Just have to tell you, I finally had a chance to share what I learned
from you with a long-time friend of mine recently. Forty years ago he
bought a large parcel of land from my Father, and kept most of it in
hay and oats for about 15 years, then fenced the fields for pasture. He
ran a few head of cattle and boarded horses for a Boy Scout Explorer
group and some hunting guides. He usually broke even but did get
burned a bit the past four years. We were talking about it and I
started asking him questions about expectations, contracts, etc.
Turns out he was doing this old school - honor system with nothing
in writing about anything! At one point he told me I was a
know-it-all. So I pulled your book off the shelf and asked him to read
through it and let me know what he thought. He called today and
asked if I would help him get his business plan and contracts
developed. And he apologized for being closed minded, that after
reading your book, it would appear I did know a bit about what I was
talking about.
So Thank You for helping me help someone else get on the right
track with their horse business.
Sandy Davis

The book is available from Amazon, Tower, Barnes &
Noble, ebay and most bookstores either online or in store. If
you can not find it locally or online, you can order direct
from the publisher; or from the author.
An e-book edition is available from Amazon, Google Play,
Apple IBooks and Tower Books
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